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The 3Plus1-Formula for Language Learning

These are the key ingredients if you want to learn a language successfully:

The 3Plus1-Formula

  • 1) Right Mindset: 

Having a clear goal and staying motivated when learning a new language are essential. That's why we usually host challenges, so our students are motivated throughout the course. 


  • 2) Relevant content: 

Using relevant content, for us, means using real-life dialogs. This means, by observing native speakers in real-life situations which you will encounter in your own life, you will soon pick up how you can speak in frequent situations more naturally. 


  • 3) Repetition: 

"Repetition is the mother of all skill."

To make the German language and all its chunks and sentence structure stick in your head, you will need to get repeated exposure to the same German patterns over and over again. This is the only way that your German becomes automatic and you aren't clumsy when speaking.


  • +1: Reality Check 

This is what your German studies are all about: going out there and actually using the language in conversations with native speakers - either over the internet or in Germany! If you follow the previous steps, then you'll have no problem understanding and speaking German in real life. :)

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