Frequently Asked Questions

Keine Sorge! No worries! We let you switch levels within the first 2 or 3 weeks. Just send us an email!

Well first of all: Schönen Urlaub! Have a nice holiday!

No worries at all! You have LIFETIME access to all lessons, material and also the quizzes. You will get the certificate whenever you finish the final quiz.

The best is to follow the 10-week schedule:

You'll get 2 units (6 dialogues) per week.

That means that each day you can focus on one dialogue and you can take one day per week off (maybe Sunday?).

After the first 5 weeks, you will finish the first part of the level (for example A1/1).

During the next 5 weeks, you will finish the second part of the level (for example A1/2).

You should always follow your intuition, and see how you learn best.

We recommend the following:

1: Listen to the dialogue and read the German transcript. Try to understand as much as possible.

2. Download the PDF with the English translations and study the texts until you understand everything.

3. Now focus on the chunks. Of course, you can also highlight your own chunks (phrases you think that will be useful for YOU)

4. Listen to the dialogue 5-10 times, pause and repeat and do role-plays with them.

5. If you still have time, read all the grammar explanations, do the exercises and review the chunks with Brainscape.

Tip: Listen to the dialogues while driving, cleaning, waiting, at the gym and optimize your learning!

Do you have more ideas? Go ahead and try them and let us know about the results :)

How dare you!!! 😉 You can recover your password here (just make sure it's the email address you used for our Academy!): 

Yes! As an alumni you have a special place in our heart ❤️ and get a steep discount on the next level. Just send us an email and we'll send you the link: 

Please always ask grammar questions under the corresponding dialogue or in the forum.

The best way is to simply log into from your phone and then you will have all lessons right there :) Alternatively, you can also download all the audios and PDFs, put them into Google Drive or Dropbox and then access them from your Google Drive/Dropbox app on your phone.

Sehr traurig! Very sad! We try to pick a time where most students are available for the live calls. No worries, if you're not: All calls are recorded and added here: 


PS: You can also submit questions before the call and watch the answer later in the replay! :)

Brainscape sometimes doesn't give full access to students right away (it's a bit weird but luckily they're fixing this!). No worries if this happens to you! We'll give you full access manually. Please email us at [email protected]  


Couldn't find an answer in the FAQ?

If you have any questions or suggestions about the lessons (grammar, vocabulary,...) please post them in the comments on the lesson page or ask them in the forum!
If you have questions about your membership (billing, login details, access to flashcards, problems with the pdfs etc), you can email us at
You'll get a response via email as quickly as possible.
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